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Nasr.... Victory

Wednesday, 29 July 2015، 02:28 PM

 When the help of Allah and victory comes

You’ll see the men entering the religion of Allah in crowds

Hence praise Allah, glorify Him and beg His forgiveness. He is undoubtedly the most relenting

In these three short, but, expressive verses, there are some elegant elaborations whose careful observation helps us to understand the final goal of the Surah. In the first verse, it says that the victory belongs to Allah. It is not only in this occurrence that this meaning is mentioned, but, in many other verses of the Qur'an the idea is reflected. In this Surah, the words are about, at first, the help of Allah, then, the victory, and then, the influence and spread of Islam, and finally, the entering of people, in groups, into the religion of Allah. All of them are causes and effects for each other. On the other hand, the help of Allah; and the victory are all for the final goal, i.e., people entering Allah's religion in multitudes, and guidance for all. There are three important instructions in the verse given to the holy Prophet (PBUH) and naturally to all believers which are, in fact, a gratitude for this great victory and an appropriate response to the help of Allah: the instructions of celebrating, praising, and seeking His forgiveness. It is certain that the holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam, like all other prophets, was sinless; then what is the instruction of seeking His forgiveness for? To answer this question, it should be said that this is a model for the whole community, and on the part of a sinless, infallible one like the holy Prophet (PBUH) will mean seeking further grace and greater blessings or further protection of the Lord against the forces of Satan. By the way, it may also refer to the meaning that 'when Allah accepts your repentance, you, too, should accept the repentance of the guilty after victory, as far as you can, and do not repulse them from yourselves as long as there is no sign of offence or plot coming from them.


M. S. H. Sadraei

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    How great it is to be helped and supported by Allah only! and it is noticeable that whoever we are, the gate of God's forgiveness is always open to us.    a

    Admire your talent as always
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