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Nasr surah-Fath

Thursday, 30 July 2015، 07:54 PM

In the Name of Allah

In this surah "Nasr" and "Fath"  have common meaning (necessity type) as "Nasr" is necessary for "Fath". "Nasr" implies some features in it as  opposing forces, lack of ability , power, help, and plan.So, these opposing forces obstacles victory and confront it.Victory can be blocked or opened. If people mock others, go to the extremes, be disappointed, and overuse blessings in their life (as some examples), they will block their victory by their own actions and disregard God's plan and help in their lives. However, in case of praying by glorifying God and asking for his forgiveness people will open the locks and reach wealth, happiness , and cure which are some kinds of victories that can be seen in our lives with the God and asking for his forgiveness are the prerequisites of his victory as well as help and vice versa.

What is the most important factor in this regard is being purified for God and only obey him in our lives.

Establishment of "Din" is necessary for the dominance of purified God's obedience in the world with the help of glorifying God and asking for his help.


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