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A Vicious Circle

Monday, 10 August 2015، 10:43 PM

In the Name of Allah The Merciful Beneficent
Woe to every taunter and ill-will Backbiter!
A man who has collected wealth and Keeps on counting it;
And he thinks that his wealth will cause Him a lasting life;
Nay! Verily, he will be cast into Hotamah;
And how could you know what The Hotamah is?
It is a Fire which has been kindled by Allah's Wrath;
The flames of which aims the hearts Of the disbelievers;
Verily, it shall enclose The disbelievers from all directions,
In the pillars of flames which are tall And stretched.


He was someone living among the others. He was born and grew up somewhere, went to school or maybe later to university. All the time there was an undeniable emptiness in his heart and life which could not be filled with everything easily.

However, when he started to make money, he felt differently! He considered himself as a powerful one! Money helped him to stand on his feet, and do a lot of things he could not do before! He thought it was a permanent power! Something he always needed and desired. At last, he had found a source to fill the emptiness of his life with, and stay protected and safe behind the walls of a strong fort made of it. The support to guarantee his life forever!

He was too proud of himself. He tended to progress more and get perfect faster. Actually, progress and perfection were the matters of patience, self-control, planning, and proper selections even if they were the hardest to take. But he was not willing to be patient or proceed with an appropriate self-control, and his plan was to select some easy shortcuts to take. Besides, he believed in himself as a very capable and special person, and the greed in his heart to get more and more through the easiest ways made him think that people who were trying hard and thinking about the others were just stupid!

He had found the life's balance; he made more money to get more power to make more money! He was decisive to keep the balance forever, but how hard it was to keep the balance in the world full of smart and strong rivals and clever and creative employees who potentially could be his rivals-to-be.

Smelling the danger of losing his position and balance and due to the disturbing worries and anxiety, he was desperately trying to resolve the problems. Against the rivals, he tried to ruin their reputations by some ill and untrue rumors, and consequently made the others distrust them and sometime later they were pushed out of the cycle. And for the poor employees?! The story was different because he was their boss! So, he began to scorn and mock them in front of the others, and he never skipped any opportunities to belittle them. The unlucky employees' reactions were different; some lost their temper and left the job, but the others lost their confidence and continued to work there as his slaves just to take the orders.

Was it a victory for him? Not really! He had pushed the rivals out and had repressed his employees, but in fact he was undermining his own position. By removing suitable and great people from their proper roles and posts, the community was being misled to lose its unity, be smashed into pieces, and so become stand still and later regress. However, there were always a lot of threats! What about possible new rivals and people around??? Or what about any regression in his business??? The everlasting presence of those threats was equal to his everlasting worries and anxiety. He had not made any true friends to rely on, in fact he was not able to trust anyone except himself and his evil money. So, he was never in peace, never happy or satisfied, and never optimistic and hopeful about future. He turned into an unhealthy person both physically and mentally. Now the one who had claimed to keep the life's balance for his own sake, was unable to keep the balance of his own body and mind!

The permanent hazard of losing his position, the uncontrollable and increasing greed in his heart and soul to get more and more and ruin more and more lives, the growing worries and anxiety, the devastating loneliness, and his sick body and incapable mind had turned him into a hideous monster turning his back to everything divine, and had pushed him into a vicious circle which was a real hell.

He was burning in the fire he had lit and fed himself. Throughout his life he tended to stay permanently protected behind the walls of a fort made of money and power. And now, by losing everything divine in and out as much as he could, he was behind the tall and stretched walls of a fort all around him, but as a prisoner of his ill mind and heart and in the fort made of burning fire. A prisoner who was going to stay and burn there forever.


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