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Assignment#4 On Al_Humazah Sura

Wednesday, 12 August 2015، 07:38 PM

In The Name of ALLAH

Al_HumaZah: A Taunter and Backbiter

Revealed at Mecca

In All societies, there are some people who get used to making a hell for the others by their scornful words or actions; why they do so, what the individual and social consequences of their undesirable behaviors are and how it is possible to treat or prevent these wrongdoings.

Apparently, with respect to this sura, these people most likely belong to the rich or influential class of society owning immense property as well as high social status or titles. They feel superior and consider themselves to be owners of the lower class of society. They believe that by their accumulated money _ which is so often being counted and checked_ they may have an everlasting worldly life. That's why, they are always concerned of losing some or all of their wealth or social stand and do certainly take others as potential rivals or somehow their enemies.

Additionally, these well_off people give this right to themselves to hurt their inferior ones; i.e, weaken and sometimes smash their confidence or beliefs by their severe reproaching or mocking gestures and facial expressions in front of others so as to keep their permanent dominancy and control over them. Naturally, they hardly tolerate to see persons much more talented or successful than themselves and instantly make a devil plan to berate or wipe them out by terror of their characters. On the other hand, the lower class do not see any chance to exhibit and develop their talents and abilities. Gradually, the society will turn to be monopolized by a small rich group.

Consequently, this sort of society ends in regression. To avoid reaching this, there should be some practical treatments to stop this defective trend in its course and thereby make it ineffective. According to this sura, God strongly condemn these kinds of degrading and humiliating others in any case and threaten the backbiters to be thrown in the blazing Hell_fire that they themselves set it by their scornful remarks. This blazing fire originates from Allah's wrath toward these affluent taunters.

The last but not the least point to deem over, it is obvious that each and every member of a society will satisfy with his healthy progressive society if and only if all people esp. the rich ones enhance their individual and social pieties with being less boastful of their assets and possessions and never look down on the others particularly inferior ones; adversely, they should and must consider all their wealth and property given by God; practice to obey God sincerely and follow His Divine rules obediently; speak and treat other lower class of society modestly and eventually be in accordance with God will and satisfaction. 

F. Arjmandi

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  • Dear Ms Arjmandi
    Thanks for this nice article on Homazah sura. It is very useful specially the conclusion which is pretty practical
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