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Home work no.4 about Al-Humaza sura

Wednesday, 12 August 2015، 11:42 PM

  Once upon a time there was a girl who had really difficult days in her life. She used to believe she couldn’t do anything right and she wasn’t enough. These were her thoughts that always were haunting her; she couldn’t believe if someone told her the opposite that she could be someone special. She was always looking for others’ confirmation. She hated herself because of these feelings. There were the times that she didn’t want to continue her life; she was so fragile and hopeless. But why just because of all the people who thought they were better than her because in her life there were some defamer and slanderer people who had bothered her harshly not even for a good reason just because they had more money. They had killed her not physically but spiritually they had cut her wings by their harsh words. (It was her fault too, by believing and accepting their empty words.)

    I think that is why God will cast those people in  “Hotamah” the crusher, the fire of Allah which will overspread their heart cause their burned people’s heart in their lives. So their punishment makes a sense because God is fair they will face what they have done in their life. No one can run away from judgment day.

   But our story doesn’t end here God saved her and gave her a second chance, he sent as many signs as she needs for believing herself and for standing on her feet again. We are not alone God is watching us he knows what we need, trust him.


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