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About Homazah Surah

Thursday, 13 August 2015، 12:20 PM

Two fine and applicable points about Homazah surah

1.       We are not permitted to blame either ourselves or others as a gossip or in front of them. That is, under-consideration of something not belonging to us but possessed by the merciful Allah is none of our business.

·         The cause of blaming

The belief of someone that their “wealth” is a reason for them to be counted better than others will rationally lead to a similar miss-belief about their “abilities”. This is due to the both thoughts being originated from a similar assumption that: “These are mine not God’s”. Such assumption, although may be rejected by the person in shallow examination, is deeply governing an arrogance which prevents the person to express his/her sincere friendship towards others. This flaw in one’s theistic view will, in turn, cause him to blame other people.

This point of view forms the philosophy behind the teachings of prophets and God chiefs who taught ethics by attracting people toward God. Lacking this deep view, no one would be able to correct his internal emotions towards a peaceful sincere friendship to others, nor would the teachers gain any success in upgrading the people’s ethicsfor a deephonest respect to others. Disregarding this philosophical nature of friendship by some believers who try to prevent others from gossipmay make their statements to take the form of blaming and even affect their target people negatively. Such bad behaviorism is counted as a reason for people’s dislike towards believers. A dislike that prevents the society from further progress. That is why God has strictly prevented such aggressive actions in “Homazah” surah.

2.     The hell-sitters are readily engaged in their self-prepared hells. The flames of these hells appear when a “Homaz” and “Lomaz” person opens his mouth to bad words. The flames which also burn the heart of the one being addressed by such person. The action of those who have recognized something other than God and have fallen far from God teachings crumble themselves and others is in the crumbling hell (Hotamah) made by them. While this torment is derived from the inside of the “Homaz” and “Lomaz” person and burns deep layers of the other person the moral shape ( (صورت ملکوتیof it completely corresponds to it.


Seyedeh Maryam Mesbah

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