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Homazah Surah

Thursday, 13 August 2015، 06:25 AM

In The Name of Allah

In this surah God wants to emphasize and warn the penalty of stocking money without having heavenly intentions. Those who collect money avariciously imagine that they are needless of others and this causes them to be egotistic. In this case they consider a higher status for themselves in the society thet allow them to backbite others, decide for them, talk about their faults, mock and make fun of them in their presence or absence.

However, God seriously censure such actions.

  • They humiliate people by their words and actions in this world, so God crushes them in hereafter.
  • They destroy other people's lives by their words and actions in this world, as a result God set fire on their soul in hereafter.
  • They break people's heart and ignite their soul by their words and actions in this world, consequently this fire entangles them and surrounds them in hereafter.

M.Nili Ahmad Abadi

  • Foreign Language School

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