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This school plans to introduce Quranic concepts to people familiar to foreign languages and train talented translators, preachers and educators in order to introduce Quran worldwide to the ones we have responsibility for...

Dear Classmates

Miss Kourki's Voice

Download-Miss Kourki Presentation

The presentation material is accessible:


Download-Homaza Surah- Powerpoint

Word document

Download-Homaza Surah-Word File

Member's Presentation

All Members-Part1

All Members-Part2


The conclusion for Ma'un Surah can be downloaded here.

Download-Ma'un Surah-Conclusion

Lack of time postponed Homaza Surah conclusion to the next week!


As the Homework please read through "Zelzal" surah and add a post to the weblog for attendance according to its concepts and your understandings.

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