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Mild Heartquakes vs. The Most Severe Earthquakes

Tuesday, 18 August 2015، 08:14 PM

In the Name of Allah The Merciful Beneficent
When the earth is shaken with its most Severe earthquakes,
And the earth throws up her burdens[ Such as the contents of the graves and The mines ],
Man keeps saying:" What has happened To the earth?"
On that Day she shall relate her news,[ Regarding the deeds of her inhabitants ],
Because indeed it has been revealed to Her by your Creator and Nurturer that She should speak up.
On that Day people shall come out from Their graves hastily, that their Deeds be shown to them:
Then he who has done a particle-weight Of good shall see it,
And he who has done a particle-weight Of evil shall see it.
Zilzal Sura

One day the earth is going to be shaken severely and reveal everything she knows about all human beings and about what has happened on it. 'Zilzal' sura says even particle-weight good or bad deeds are going to be seen.

I was thinking about the magnitude of the mentioned earthquakes vs. the size of these particle-weight deeds, and about what the earth is going to reveal about my deeds! Then I realized I need to have a mild heartquake in this world before my death in order to first reveal my heart's secrets and second refresh my way of acting and behaving in daily confrontations.

So, I thought about some particle-weight deeds, came to some conclusions, and then wrote some questions down for you dear readers. Please take your time to answer them carefully and honestly.

- Do you frown at your parents time to time?

- Do you give up your seat to an older one? Or do you try not to look at her/his direction?

- If the amount of food is little, do you eat less for the others' sake or do you feel terrible?

- The subway train stops at the station, do you wait for the passengers to get off first or do you rush in before it?

- Do you share your knowledge with the others or keep it for yourself?

- You are among simple uneducated people, do you feel superior?

- You can help someone just with your smile; do you do that? Or do you think is not worth doing?

- Do you spend enough time with family members and relatives?

- Do you ever think about your neighbors?

- Do you do anything possible for your neighborhood/city so that it looks much cleaner and much more beautiful?

- Do you care about animals and plants around you? Or do you think the earth is just your home?

- Do you help the needy? Why? What is your intention while helping them?

- Do you always expect other people to greet and respect you?

- There are a lot of tasks to do; do you pick up the easiest one and leave the more difficult ones to the others?

- Do you ever tell tiny white lies?

- Do you ...............................?

- Do you ...............................?

To tell the truth, I had three heartquakes!! You know, the first one revealed where I am standing about these apparently small deeds; if I am doing good or bad deeds. The second came soon after and was more severe! Do you know what? If you have imagined yourself in the situations above, and have chosen the best and the most decent actions ever, you have just been doing your duties and not anything more than that!! You have not done any favor! And the third heartquake was this point,"What if I want to do more than my duties on the earth?? What if I want to be a perfect one??"

The heartquakes taught me something very important and essential. There are two very prominent steps which should be followed.The first step is doing duties, and the second is following the instructions for perfection. And I believe, for both steps, Qu'ran is the most reliable and the perfect reference.

I hope on the day the earth is going to reveal her secrets, she tells good things about each and everyone of us.

اللهم صل علی محمد و آل محمد


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  • F. Arjmandi
  • salam

    If we get good lessons from the incidences being like earthquakes in our life, we might act more carefully and logically! we know many answers of your questions, but our Actions Speak Louder than Our Words....a

    Best Regards


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