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Assignment#5 On Zilzal Sura

Wednesday, 19 August 2015، 10:10 PM

In The Name Of ALLAH

Zilzal : The Convulsion

Revealed at Meddina

Attention! Attention!

Be Alert!!! There is an ongoing Severe Earthquake convulsing the whole globe so soon! Be prepared and Cautious!

This sura is reminding an important occurrence in human's life following the Creator_Nurturer's Command to the earth.

The earth got permitted to convulse and throw up her burdens of treasures , humans' graves and all_out observed and recorded evidence! Man is confusedly and anxiously asking, " What happened??" "Why is the earth so restless and shaky?"

The earth has been witnessed all human's deeds and behaviors patiently but not so far been allowed to betray them since she was good obedience to keep human's secrets and confides till the due time. And now by the Creator_Nurturer's permission, the earth reveals all and all evidence consciously and exactly. 

This a horrible and critical moment of truth for mankind to confront his deeds speechlessly, with no excuse. And surely human has no way to flee or deny it. He must see and become aware of what he has done on the earth with no exception! All his confidential trivial actions are presented in front of his bewildered eyes.

Coming back from their judging site, people move in various groups owing to their deeds toward receiving their rewards or punishments. So only if he knows and believes that one Day all his deeds, no matter how tiny good or bad ones, are shown and illustrated in front of his eyes, wouldn't he live more wisely and cautiously?? 

F. Arjmandi

  • Foreign Language School

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