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Zelzal Surah Review

Wednesday, 19 August 2015، 09:41 AM

A view of the Zelzal surah

In the Name of Allah

A huge earthquake happens in the Resurrection day. An earthquake that will release the burden of the earth. The earth which was standing silently till that day. “Burden” might have different meanings but I interpret it as the man and their deeds. The deeds which were accumulated in earth by its inhabitants during centuries and the earth has did well in safekeeping them and are now returned to the nurturer.

Now, let’s take a look back at ourselves. Earthquakes that take place in our lives, all suitably interpreted as “Fetneh”, cause intense anxieties to us. Worries that we should pass through healthily and let our forgotten potentials to be stimulated. The possibilities we didn’t ever believe that could be activated in us some day.

Though, the question is “what is the real cause of these events either in the Resurrection date or during our daily lives”. Briefly expressing in a single phrase, to evaluate our observation capability for obtaining a deep understanding of the life.

In the Resurrection day, the curtains are turned aside and the humans see a portrayal of their deeds appearing in their real shapes not understandable in this life. This is, for sure, an upper-level understanding obtained in aftermath of the earthquake. A similar objective is pursued in every day resurrections that are designed to prepare us for the main resurrection. The experiences that treat us for reaching new and deeper insights are shakes that awaken us from forgetfulness and amazement and takes our attentions toward the main goal behind the life. Anxiety, however, is a border we should not stop behind in order to experience all cheerful life we are promised (in Quran) to achieve in this world. Hoping that we can all obtain the most pleasant results from the earthquakes we encounter within our lives and are protected from the amazement of the Recurrence day, Ensha-allah.


By Seyedeh Maryam Mebah

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  • F. Arjmandi
  • salam

    These quakes are nothing but as an alarm to wake us up that there is no more time more careful how you react to the bumpy side of life,,,how you attempt to pave the way of salvation for yourself and others...a

    Best Regards
  • Foreign Language School
  • salam my dear sister
    choosing between bad and good is not hard and we can easily decide which answer is right.
    so, we have been created to act in the best way based on our own decision.
    if only be a little honest to ourselves, we will be one of the best obedient of
    thanks for your beautiful view about this surah


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