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Zelzal Surah

Thursday, 20 August 2015، 06:49 AM
 In the Name of Allah


The focus of this surah is on the subject of this abrupt and sudden earthquake in Judgement Day. The earth suddenly reveals its treasures and whatever hidden in it. In that Day the earth explains what has happened to it with exact and detailed information.This is a continuous collection of information and the earth has great care and command over the events that become renew  every moment ; moreover, it has this ability because God orders and allows it.

In that Day everyone sees what s/he has done because the curtains of darkness and ambiguity have been drawn from their hearts and eyes and his/her actions and deeds will be appeared.

This earthquake can happen every day in the earth of our bodies and ruins and makes a mess in our lives to see the deepest and hidden layers of ourselves and our actions. In this sudden earthquake everything will be revealed and be brought up to surface to be seen in the light. Also, every day and every moment God allows our soul and body to be the witness of our deeds and tell the news of our secrets to ourselves. We should clear and purify our hearts and eyes to see its revelance. If there is an earthquake in our life, it would not be a bad thing; it is a way that God wants to show us our hidden treasures and clean our soul and bodies and lead us to guidance.


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