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A Memory With A Dear Orphan

Tuesday, 1 September 2015، 06:27 PM

In the Name of Allah The Merciful Beneficent
By the brightness of the full morning Light,
By the Night when it becomes quiet and Still,
That your Creator and Nurturer has not forsaken you And is not displeased with you;
And certainly your Hereafter will be better For you, than this present life;
And surely soon your Creator and Nurturer Will grant you so much of the Blessings That you will be joyous from it.
Did He not find you an orphan and did He not give you shelter?
And also Allah found you lost on the way And he guided you;
And He found you in need so He Enriched you;
So you too do not treat the orphans With harshness;
And do not repulse the beggar;
And proclaim the Grace and Favor of Your Creator and Nurturer to the people

[ To give them hope for invoking to their Creator. ]

She looked at Hosein with his wide, ear to ear smile, and at once and unwillingly smiled like him. How much he was lively and time to time funny. An eight-year-old smart orphan living with 29 other boys in one of the welfare centers.

She did not know anything about his family. Maybe nobody knew about them or why eight years ago they left baby Hosein somewhere in the city. But she knew him well. He was a lovable boy with his childish funny logic and that big and effective smile.

Hosein noticed her and came near.

"Hi ma`am! How are you?"

"Hi Hosein! Fine thanks! What about you?"

"I'm very happy today! Do you know the news about me?"

"No! I just arrived. What news about you??"

"Can you believe that??I have a new FAMILY! I'll go and live with my new FATHER, MOTHER, SISTER and BROTHER very soon!"

"Oh! Really??"

"Yes, and they wanna take me to Mecca as soon as I go to their house! It'll be our first trip together!", and again he displayed his famous heart-melting smile.

She did not know what to say. It was so great to imagine one of those dear orphans in a family living happily with appropriate care and love.

At last she said,"My dear, it's wonderful. I'm really happy for you. I'm sure they're gonna be so proud of you. Have you decided how to behave and what to do in your new family?"

He wisely smiled and with a confident voice answered,"Yes ma`am! I know! Don't worry! I'll be a very good and helpful SON and BROTHER! I'll study seriously to be successful!"

His face was shining brightly while talking about FAMILY which was an ordinary property for the others who had been born and grown in a usual condition unlike him.

Suddenly he remembered something,"Ma`am, am I gonna change my name??"

"Your name??"

"I mean my surname! Do I have to do this?? They say I do!!"

He was at primary school for two years using and getting accustomed to his family name which probably was not related to any family at all, and was chosen when he was a baby.

"Oh yes! you're gonna take your father's surname. Don't you like it? Is it bothering you?"

"No! That's OK I think! Anyway, I have a new FAMILY!"

She stared at his lovely smile, and enjoyed his childish logic. God willing he was going to have a family and a good and proper ground to be brought up; something that was all those kids' DREAM.

She thought,"What if all families that are capable of doing this adopt one of them to make all the welfare centers empty???"

She turned to the kids, saw Hosein among them talking and smiling, and noticed the envy in the other kids' innocent eyes while looking at him. She continued thinking,"Really what if...???"


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I have been heartily touched by your story! Living away from one's family is definitely unbearable esp. for kids in that age. And we should always care and remember that these children are part of our own families; no matter who they are and from where they come...we should bear in mind, They Are HUMAN......a

God Bless you 


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