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Assignment#6 On Zoha Sura

Wednesday, 2 September 2015، 09:36 PM

In The Name of ALLAH

Zoha : The full Morning Light

Revealed at Mecca

It is believed that manifestation of this sura after two_week disconnection of Divine Revelation was like a revival for the honorable prophet(PBUH). Since the pagans had started rebuking the prophet that God left His Messenger as if God was displeased with him and if he was a real messenger, he had to receive the Divine Revelation regularly and incessantly.(But it should be noted that the disconnection is only a belief and may only be people's thoughts. The prophet is always connected to God and this is the distinction between him and others)

The whole sura is divided into three main categories:

1) As an Introduction: Two Solemn Vows

Verses 1_2:

 Two great natural phenomena are referred as solemn promises; "Zoha" or full brightness of day that it might present the ascent of Qur'an and its guidance , as well as "Laile eza saja" or the pitch darkness of night that spread in the sky which might present the spread of ignorance and disconnection from divine revelation.

Verses 3_5: 

The reasons for the Creator's Vows; not only the Creator_Nurturer has never left him or become displeased with him at the present time, but also his future is better than his present since surely soon his Creator will grant him so much blessings to gratify him that might be the great wish of merciful prophet for interceding the whole believers in Hereafter.

2) As the main body of the sura: Reminding the prophet of three individual Divine Blessings for him

Verse 6_8: 

  • Being "Yatim" i.e.,a person who is left shelterless and away from his father or guidance...Here the prophet sought his Creator_Nurturer and felt away from the divine revelation then the Creator ascend him Qur'an;
  • Being "Zal" i.e., a person who is lost and needs a guidance to find his right path in life...Here the prophet needed the Creator's Attention to be guided then the Creator Guide him;
  • Being "Aele" i.e., a person who is dominated so he is poor and needy...Here the real need of the prophet is satisfied with the divine richness.

3) As conclusion: Some social moral instructions to the prophet and, in fact, to all mankind's life span

Verses 9_11:
  • Never treat and deal with orphans (Yatim) harshly;
  • Never refuse the needy severely; 
  •  the last but not the least,  and Always express the Grace and Favor of the Creator_Nurturer to the others whether by appreciation of blessings verbally or by sharing happiness and belongings with others particularly "Yatim" and "Saael" or the needy.

F. Arjmand

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    Thanks for your brief but comprehensive view of the sura and sharing it with all of us. Hope we can follow the clear rules of it in our lives
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