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assignment no.6 about Zoha Sura

Wednesday, 2 September 2015، 11:35 PM

In the name of Allah

   At beginning of this Sura Allah wants us to think about the day and night. How these two work side by side and make a perfect harmony. All of us have experienced being in dark when the light went out and how it feels when you cannot see what is around you clearly at that moment you appreciate light much more than before. Then again both of them are twisted to one another without night, daylight doesn’t have any meaning. In our life we can see many examples such as known and unknown things by knowing you understand the other one. Life is full of upside and downside, without downside you don’t realize what is upside.

   On the other hand God has explained the situation that prophet faced when he was younger such as being an orphan and needy, and how God has helped him. Again who knows the pain of being an orphan exactly? an orphan for sure. Who knows what it feels when you ask people for help? the one who has experienced it. And if you remember according to Maun sura we are all orphans and needy ones in our own way. So we shouldn’t treat them harshly and we should put ourselves in their shoes and take care of them as Allah has done for us many times. And for these blessing we should be grateful and say it out loud “Thank you God”.

N.S.Mirmalek Sani

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