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zoha sura/mottaki

Wednesday, 2 September 2015، 10:09 PM

In the Name of Allah


 Zoha sura has some steps:

1.       Swear

2.       rules

3.       questions

4.       order and prohibitions

·         Swearing by the early hours of the day and night when it covers with darkness. The day and night, the light and darkness (Two important natural phenomena).

·         When you see yourself in darkness, you should know that Allah has not abandoned you, nor is he displeased with you. The reward in the next life will certainly be better for you than worldly gains. If you connect yourself to Allah and be his obedient, then he will soon grant you sufficient favors to please you.

·         When you find yourself as an orphan, lost or in need person (which act as darkness for you), you should only look to Allah for shelter, guidance and richness (as light).

·         In the last step our duty has been specified:

1.       Do not oppress the orphans.

2.       Do not reject the beggars.

3.       Proclaim the bounties of Allah.

All these happenings flow constantly in our life. Help yourself and others to come out of the darkness and to stay connected with Allah. Live under the light of Allah (the light of skies and earthالله نورالسماوات و الارض).



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  • Dear friend
    Thanks for your great outline on the sura. I hope we all obey the orders of the sura to make a great personal and social improvement
    Best regards


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