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Zoha-Homaza-Naas Combinational Diagram

Monday, 14 September 2015، 07:23 PM


This diagram combines the surahs Al-Zoha, Al-Nas, and Al-Homazah. Two groups of people are illustrated one who are residing in the dark half (Al-layl) and the other in the bright half (Al-zoha) of the life.

The group residing in the dark half are affected by temptations of Satan which may eventually penetrate into their hearts and make them taunter and ill-will back biter. These people, who are ill-hearted, prefer this present life over the hereafter. The living style such people choose concentrates on wealth collection and keeping its count since they suppose their wealth will last forever. Nay! Verily these will be cast into “Hotamah”. Meanwhile, this group suppose that God has forsaken the holly prophet and is displeased with him while themselves treat the orphans with harshness and repulse the beggars.

On the other hand, the group who have decided to live on the bright half and believe in Allah as their creator, king and God, not only do not suppose that God has forsaken the holly prophet and is displeased with him, but also, believe that it is God who guides, enriches and gives shelter to all people including the holly prophet. This belief is associated with a strong confidence that the hereafter is better for them than this present life. So, following their prophet, they do not treat the orphans with harshness nor they repulse the beggars. Furthermore, this group are practically thankful to God by performing what God has asked them. The destiny of this group, as their prophet’s, is that they are granted and pleased by their God. En-shallah we will receive the holly prophet’s intercession (شفاعت).

Seyedeh Maryam Mesbah

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