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The Outlines Of Sura Abas

Tuesday, 15 September 2015، 05:42 PM

In The Name Of Allah

The outlines of sura 'Abas'

1. Personal, social and cultural guidelines (for human's guidance), verses 1-10:

- Do not judge the status of anyone's guidance or misleading

- Listen to 'zekr'-- The reminders reminding the Truth and the Straight Path

- Do not think of yourself as an almighty one who does not need any help

- Try hard, desire and do not hesitate to be led

- Fear Allah and be humble in His presence

- Do not ignore or neglect the ones who are seeking the guidance to be led

2. The prominent and vital role of the Holy Books as divine reminders-'zekr- and the Prophets/ Messengers in human's ' tazkieh', verses11-16

3. The unbelievable high degree of human's 'kofr', verse 17-- 'kofr' means hiding and denying the Truth

4. Human's creation, worldly life, death and resurrection, verses 18-22

- In his worldly life, it is highlighted that Allah has eased his life by granting precious facilities to him. Therefore, human's role to know and understand these facilities, and be wise and eager enough to benefit from them is critical in his guidance.

5. Human's unfortunate disobedience against Allah's order, verse 23

6. 'Ta`am' and its importance in human's progress, verses 24-32 --('Ta`am' means desired food, but much better definition is:it is something small or big, materialistic or spiritual and divine which is a needy one's right and meets his demands, and if has been given to him, it helps him to move out of inaction, stagnation, get rid of limitation, and so progress.)

- The role of the close observation on 'ta`am' and deep consideration about it by human and in his guidance is highlighted.

- 'ماء' / Water which is a unique blessing given to human in large amount by Allah is emphasized. It can be a similitude for IMAM and his guidance.

- The seeds hidden deep in the ground are introduced as precious potentials; they , at the same time, can be human's potentials.

- Here there is the importance of 'ماء' in actualizing the potentials.

- A variety of plants growing by receiving 'ماء' is introduced; they are different in longevity, strength, products and usage. In fact, we can compare the plants mentioned in sura with different kind of humans.

7. Human's hard finale on Resurrection Day and Hereafter, and his action towards his belongings at the time, verses 33-37

8. The effect of 'ماء' on humans' finale in Hereafter according to their selections to benefit from it or not, verses 38-42


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