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Assignment#7 On Abasa Sura

Wednesday, 16 September 2015، 11:04 PM

In The Name of ALLAH

Abasa: He Frowned

Revealed at Mecca

This sura is revealed to the prophet ( PBUH) and indeed to all mankind for the respect and honor God considers for those believers who are seeking the Divine guidance. Several steps of guidance are highlighted in the sura. Some of them are as: 

  1. "Zekr" means reminder to think and remember ;
  2. "Nazara" close observation and attention;
  3. "Tazkieh" means purification.
The Holy Qur'an is also called "Zekr", presented to mankind in an exalted and purified place by Honorable Angels encouraging him to think deeply on his social communication and behavior. The Holy Qur'an emphasizes that the superficial appearance of people in a community such as their degree of social or economical status, their amount of wealth,etc. is not the logical basis for evaluating and respecting believers. The prophet is questioned how it is possible to ignore a helpless blind person while attempting eagerly to learn more from the Divine Messenger just because he looks poor and needy.  

Additionally, the sura provides us with two samples of food or Ta'am to see and and notice their impacts on our worldly life. One is the Holy Qur'an presented as a Divine food for spiritual maturity. The other one, we are asked to observe the worldly "Ta'am" we eat. God created variety of grains, fruits, herbs and alike whatever is necessary for our physical growth. So, undoubtedly, these spiritual and physical Ta'am or foods play a crucial role in human's maturity.

Afterwards, the eager believers attempt to purify or "Tazkie" themselves for the Creator_Nurturer. This purification is to follow up the Holy Qur'an guidance. "Tazkie" comes after seeing and remembering the value of all blessings including human's creation originating from being a drop of worthless sperm to develop and shape in such a perfection. Besides, Allah made the path of guidance easy for him by his Messenger and the Holy Book. Then it comes his death in this world and his raising up to life in Hereafter by God's Wills.

All in all human has been given lots of blessings; the honorable prophet (PBUH) and the Holy Qur'an as well as the worldly sustenance as a reminder to observe deeply and purify. 

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