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Abasa Gathering

Wednesday, 30 September 2015، 08:41 PM

In The Name of ALLAH


Narrating the Abase Sura


     How could we recognize whether a person has a talent to be guided to the Truth less than the others? What if this person is disable; let’s say, a blind man. What about a poor person? Due to this low social status, are we in the position to ignore him or somehow set him aside from our attention?

     On the other hand, supposing a person who is healthy, wealthy and mighty; but, inattentive to the Divine guidance. He behaves as if he was the owner of the whole world and probably did not need any guidance. Should we pay more attention to that person hoping to be directed to the Right path only because of his high financial or political rank?

     Allah cite in the Holy Qur’an, ”No! at all.” That is not an acceptable logical basis to consider people to be guided by their properties degree or superficial abilities. Only those believers could purify (Tazkie) themselves and observe the reminders (zekr) who eagerly attempt to know more about Qur’an and their hearts surely are full of fears of God’s disobedience in spite of even their disabilities or poor conditions.

     The Holy Qur’an, as our spiritual sustenance, is revealed to the honorable messenger by noble Angels. It is indeed a reminder (Zekr) for those believers seeking the Truth through contemplation. The sacred Book reminds mankind of some facts to keep him away from any neglect or oblivion.

     In order to have a better perspective horizon for seeing well and thinking deeply, the Holy Qur’an depicts the process of human creation from a tiny worthless sperm_ drop to a perfect man; from birth to death; from putting him in his grave in this world to raising him up to life on the Resurrection Day.

     Furthermore, Qur’an also demonstrates another essential dimension of human creation; that is, his worldly sustenance or food. The Creator_ Nurturer provides the physical need of mankind by pouring down the torrential rain from which the various types of plants grow. These plants vary from giant trees to small grains; from valuable nutrient fruit trees and herbs to green grass and fodders so as to feed human and his livestock.

     By these heavenly ( the Holy Qur’an) and the worldly sustenance, what Allah Expect from human to do in return? Nothing but to be grateful for these priceless blessings and do not take them for granted. Regardless of one’s amount of properties and social classes, if people take the Divine precious reminders to follow up the guiding path, they shall make their utmost efforts along with the respectful awe of Allah to achieve purification (Tazkie). Then, as a result, these believers may appear satisfied with their good deeds and bright happy faces in Hereafter; otherwise, their faces shall be stained and darken with the dust of being ungrateful. They are regretful for not using the Divine blessings as it was taught by The honorable prophet (PBUH) as well as the Holy Quran. Surely, this is the definite destiny of wicked disbelievers.


Now one may think how it is possible to approach purification. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways recommended is to review some parts of the pray of Infallible Imam Sajjad known as Makarim Al_Akhlaq ( the nobilities of character) in “Sahiefe Sajjadie book, as follows :


In The Name of Allah

O Allah, Bless Muhammed and Muhammed’s household

Cause my faith to reach the most perfect faith,

Make my certainty the most excellent certainty,

And take my intention to the best of intentions,

And take my work to the best work.

O Allah, Bless Muhammed and Muhammed’s household

Spare me the concerns which distract me,

Employ me in that about which you will ask me


And let me pass my days in that for which you have

Created me,

Free me from need, expand your sustenance toward me,

And tempt me not with ingratitude.

Exalt me and afflict me not with pride.

Make me worship you,

And corrupt not my worship with self_admiration,

Let good flow out from my hands upon the people,

And efface it not by making them feel obliged.

Give me the highest moral traits,

And preserve me from vain glory.


O Allah, Bless Muhammed and Muhammed’s household

And give me to enjoy a sound guidance which I seek not to replace,

A path of Truth from which I swerve not,

And an intention of right conduct in which I

Have no doubts.

Let me live as long as my life is a free gift in

Obedient to you,

But if my life should become a pasture of Satan,

Seize me to yourself

Before your hatred overtakes me

Or your wrath against me becomes firm.


O Allah, deposit in me no quality for which I will be

Faulted unless you set it right,

No flaw for which I will be blamed unless you make it


No deficient noble trait unless you complete it.


O Allah, Bless Muhammed and Muhammed’s household

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