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Thursday, 7 January 2016، 10:47 PM

Dear Classmates

According to the lessons learned on "General-Detailed Facts" please do the following:

1) Read through "Ghamar" sura at least 3 times

2) Find and introduce General or "Ehkam" verse(s) in the sura

    Hint: This sura contains repeated verses, you can follow the method introduced in "Morsalat" sura

3) Define different types of detailed or "Tafsil" verses

4) Complete and hand out a diagram similar to that of the previous homework defining the connections between Ehkam and Tafsil in the sura

Along with these home works, you should think and take the necessary actions on the following subjects:

* Falagh sura workshop(Should be ready for Esfand, University of Tehran Quranic week)

* Review the methods mentioned in Sura-oriented book for the next 3 weeks and draw a diagram summarizing the book

* Gathering and emailing as much translated words as you can till now along with finding related pictures to them to activate our telegram channel (one word per day or week)

* Derive your free times in the week for starting the new pre-requisites of Tadabbor course(Combinational teaching)

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